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At-PQC™ is a trademark and abbreviation for "At Practical Quality Control", which is the business logo for JnF Specialties, LLC, registered Corporation in the State of Colorado.

At-PQC™ enables project quality control plan improvement initiatives. We know our practical experience and web resources will help your business quickly and efficiently achieve compliance with Customer and industry requirements. (and save your Company a small fortune in Consulting expenses)

We are the posterchild of commitment to continuously improve the business operation. Our most sincere desire is to make things easier for people that are responsible for the success of their business. We believe in the unlimited potential for continuous improvement and we're prepared to support your Company's initiative to upgrade or implement a practical quality control plan.

Our founding website is Quality Control Plan . com.

Our demo's website is At-PQC ™ Project Quality Control Plans for Improvement Initiatives.

Our catalog and secure purchase website is JnF Specialties At-Practical Quality Control (sm).

What is At-PQC™

Answer: Our Company logo is At-PQC™ and we provide project quality control plans for businesses. Our specialties include aerospace, aviation, construction, distributor, Government contracting and manufacturing. Our focus in service industries includes security, facility management, janitorial, business management, design and development, food service and more...

Who are they?

Answer: Hands-on professionals in design, development, implementation and maintenance of practical project quality control plans for a variety of improvement initiatives from 1975 to present.

How to complete your assignment using At-PQC™ resources?

Answer: Your project keywords can be used to search our extensive library of practical quality control templates, where you'll find fresh and often unexpected solutions for your Company's improvement initiative.

The At-PQC™ tailored ISO 9001 quality system is proven in industry to enable your Company to qualify for or continue to contract with DLA Aviation or DLA Land and Maritime.

Your Company's business success is dependent upon its ability to comply with industry, regulatory and Customer requirements, then schedule and cost.

Here's the secret to our success in helping Companies like yours:

We combine the effectiveness of a practical paper-based management system with the efficiency of a paperless document control system.

At-PQC™ resources are designed to facilitate the creation or upgrade of your Company's quality control plan then we help your business convert all that "paper" into an efficient paperless quality management system with Efficient QMS™.

Consider transitioning your Company's quality system from "paper" to "paperless" to reduce overhead expenses and increase profits. A "paperless" business process like Efficient QMS™ can transform a Company into an efficient and effective resource for its Customers, which reliably increases sales, as if by design.

The most significant benefits of "paperless" eQMS:

  1. Improve efficiency for the quality management system
  2. Simplify the business operation
  3. Tangible and intangible returns for investment of time on activities that directly support the Company's quality system
  4. Make it easier to achieve compliance with any industry, regulatory and Customer requirement
  5. Enable fewer employees to operate, maintain and continuously improve the quality management system
  6. Significantly reduce overhead expenses
  7. Centralize access to and control of project quality control plans, procedures and records.

Celebrate Again!

Finally! No more lost pieces of paper and no more transposition errors, and employees have instant access to records and procedures when and where they are needed using any device with an internet browser.

There are no hidden fees or other costs to operate Efficient QMS™ web-based quality program and document management system.

Upon your request, we'll install eQMS at no charge on your website. If your Company doesn't have a website, simply go to www.hostgator.com then purchase a domain name and the least expensive Linux/Apache web hosting account. Provide us with your cPanel login address and username/password and we'll create a simple homepage for you with link to login to your eQMS or you can use eQMS as your homepage.

We do not impose digital rights management restrictions on our MS Office templates. You can place the fully editable MS Office documents on as many computers in your Company as needed to support your improvement initiative. Demos enable you to see an exact representation of each template and there are no password restrictions, watermarks or copyright legends on purchased documents. Purchase of At-PQC™ documents is a one-time-only expense and our support is no charge by phone and email so you always have an expert in your toolbox.

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